Short Video

Short Video Offers the Best ROI in 2022

Video is rapidly becoming the new way to "read" as users move towards the multimedia web experience.  An intro video grabs your audience’s attention and showcases what to expect from your company in just a few seconds. 2020 overwhelmingly increased the amount of online video people consumed. As a result, audiences will continue to use video as an integral part of their journey with brands. 


Think of the intro or explainer video as a "snapshot" of your company.  An intro video is typically 30 - 60 seconds in length and can reside on the landing page of your business's website.  This video will immediately engage your audience with the most important aspects of your company's story.  A great intro video should reflect the company’s branding (personality), inform the audience and leave them more familiar with your business.

The Benefits of an Intro/Explainer Video

By placing an intro video on your homepage, your website instantly becomes more interactive.  The diminishing online user attention span is very real. Even though there are still some customers who will elect to read the copy on your website, the vast majority of users will prefer to watch a video.  

Intro/Explainer videos allow you to efficiently demonstrate what your company does in a creative branded experience.  You can show how your product or service works with short digestible ways without lengthy boring copy.  The bottom line is that a short engaging video will very likely increase the chances of converting users into customers!

Creating an engaging video is key in succeeding with any audience, whether it’s video for marketing, internal communications, HR, L&D, teaching, or simply creating omni-channel branded content. We can add voiceovers, music backgrounds, utilize your corporate video clips and graphics and even use whiteboard effects to keep your audience engaged while explaining complex processes! Connect with us to learn more!

Short Video Ads

Visual communication in advertising is a powerful tool, and short videos are a great way to expand and ignite your brand, explain your product, or just add a "spark" to an otherwise mundane experience.

Animated Videos and Videos with Custom Branded Characters for Marketing or Business Presentations

We can create fun and engaging, animated videos with a professional look and feel. Become a business presentation Rockstar!

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