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About Our Brand

Our Brand Story

With roots in Chicago's creative marketing industry, The Fuze Group began as a boutique digital marketing agency focused on helping small businesses  build their brands and boost their online presence. Today, Fuze has expanded beyond flexing our creativity and has become recognized as a partner for brand consulting.

We have a deep understanding of the importance of brand and marketing strategy and have produced engaging websites and digital marketing campaigns consistent with our clients’ existing personality, image and goals.

Today, The Fuze Group is a premier and established branding and digital marketing agency. We assist small to mid-size businesses and nonprofits grow brands in their own unique way. By creating multi-channel frameworks, we help build brands that are true to themselves by inspiring them to be creative and persistent with both their visual components and their voice. We are specialized in all aspects of visual design and have adapted our design to a diverse range of industries over the years. We truly enjoy creative and strategic collaboration with our clients.  Furthermore, as a design contributor for AMA Chicago, we continue to be connected with the city's best marketing talent. We are are always learning and sharing the latest trends with our clientele. 

Our Mission 

To embrace creative and strategic collaboration with our clients to grow brands in their own unique way.

Our Vision

To provide an authentic synthesis of identity and engagement that empowers brand impact and business growth.

Fuze Group branding
Toddler representing Fuze in it's beginning stages

ignite your brand

As our services have evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers, our brand has also evolved. The Fuze Group has a new brand identity and design system.

The Fuze Group name was born from a confluence of creative professionals focused on the very real need for small business branding and digital marketing support. 

Fuze Group Icon
Fuze Group Logo

Every company needs a consistent brand. Branding defines what your organization is and what it does and presenting your brand in a cohesive way on all channels is critical because it allows customers and prospects to recognize it without interpretations. All these interactions build trust and will ultimately determine whether someone will choose to become a customer. 


ignite your brand

Woman Logo Designing and Branding

There are many reasons why companies should consider rebranding. Business mergers, new ownership, company growth, positioning, modernization and name changes are just a few important impetuses for reflecting new company values or a new company vision. Redefining your brand's mission, core values and guidelines allows for an understanding of your business inside and outside, reinforcing your unique position in the marketplace.

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Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines include your logo, color palette, typography, photography and voice. Guidelines keep your brand grounded and consistent. These core components work together to ensure your brand is recognizable wherever it appears. All businesses should establish a clear brand style guide that not only explains how your brand should be presented in across all channels, but how it should not appear.


Our Fuze brand color palette has expanded beyond the carefree confidence of our citrus colors to include the dynamic presence of the trusted blue color family. We believe our palette aligns with this time of transformation. We look forward to exploring and creating new design and brand possibilities!

Hex Chrome #fdcf21

CMYK 0%, 18%, 87%, 1%

PMS 123 C

Lemon Punch

Hex Chrome #ff5757

CMYK C 0% M 66% Y 66% K 0%

PMS 178 C

Coral red

Hex Chrome #5c1bb6

CMYK 49%, 85%, 0%, 29%

PMS 266


Fuze Brand Color Palette

Hex Chrome #b33b9b

CMYK 0%, 67%, 13%, 30%

PMS 254


Hex Chrome #8c93de

CMYK C 0% M 66% Y 66% K 0%

PMS 2716


Brand Personality

Brand Personality

Your brand should reflect what you do, why you do it, and why people should care. The Fuze brand persona has always been vibrant, honest and inquisitive . We think our brand refresh with it's fluid typography and color clarifies our personality with added confidence.  We believe it reflects our connectedness, our partnerships and the confluence of ideas and goals. The test of time has proven us to be approachable, creative, knowledgable and true to ourselves and our valued clients.

Fuze Group Logo

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